PIs*: Hooker, Stan | Lee, Zhongping | Mannino, Antonio | Twardowski, Michael | Voss, Kenneth
Start Time:2007-05-05 14:20:00
End Time:2009-05-21 21:19:00
Data Types: above_water, bottle, brdf, cast, pigment, scan
Parameters: a ad ag ag412_ac9 ag440_ac9 ag488_ac9 ag510_ac9 ag532_ac9 ag555_ac9 ag650_ac9 ag676_ac9 ag715_ac9 agp agp402.7_acs agp407_acs agp411.4_acs agp412_ac9 agp415.9_acs agp420.5_acs agp425.3_acs agp429.9_acs agp434.5_acs agp439.1_acs agp440_ac9 agp443.7_acs agp448.2_acs agp452.9_acs agp457.5_acs agp462.4_acs agp467_acs agp471.9_acs agp477_acs agp481.9_acs agp486.3_acs agp488_ac9 agp491.2_acs agp495.7_acs agp500.4_acs agp504.9_acs agp510_ac9 agp510_acs agp514.8_acs agp519.5_acs agp524.5_acs agp529.3_acs agp532_ac9 agp533.8_acs agp538.6_acs agp543.3_acs agp548.1_acs agp552.5_acs agp555_ac9 agp557.3_acs agp561.9_acs agp566.4_acs agp571.1_acs agp575.2_acs agp579.5_acs agp583.7_acs agp588.1_acs agp592.7_acs agp597.4_acs agp601.8_acs agp606.3_acs agp611_acs agp615.7_acs agp620.2_acs agp625_acs agp629.5_acs agp634_acs agp638.8_acs agp643.5_acs agp648.1_acs agp650_ac9 agp652.7_acs agp657.2_acs agp661.8_acs agp666.2_acs agp670.8_acs agp675.1_acs agp676_ac9 agp679.5_acs agp683.7_acs agp687.8_acs agp692_acs agp696.1_acs agp699.9_acs agp703.8_acs agp707.4_acs agp711.1_acs agp714.6_acs agp715_ac9 agp718.1_acs allo alpha-beta-car ap b bb bb533_bb2 bb657_bb2 bbp bbp469_bb3 bbp527_bb3 bbp533_bb2 bbp657_bb2 bbp657_bb3 bbp_bp469_bb3 bbp_bp527_bb3 bbp_bp533_bb2 bbp_bp657_bb2 bbp_bp657_bb3 bbt469_bb3 bbt527_bb3 bbt657_bb3 bincount_ac9 bincount_acs bincount_bb2 bincount_bb3 bincount_ctd bincount_mascot bottle but-fuco c cast cdom cg412_ac9 cg440_ac9 cg488_ac9 cg510_ac9 cg532_ac9 cg555_ac9 cg650_ac9 cg676_ac9 cg715_ac9 cgp cgp402.3_acs cgp407_acs cgp411.3_acs cgp412_ac9 cgp415.7_acs cgp420.2_acs cgp425_acs cgp429.6_acs cgp434.4_acs cgp438.6_acs cgp440_ac9 cgp443.2_acs cgp447.8_acs cgp452.6_acs cgp457.5_acs cgp462.1_acs cgp466.7_acs cgp471.4_acs cgp476.3_acs cgp481.2_acs cgp485.9_acs cgp488_ac9 cgp490.6_acs cgp495_acs cgp499.7_acs cgp504.6_acs cgp509.3_acs cgp510_ac9 cgp514.1_acs cgp519_acs cgp523.8_acs cgp528.6_acs cgp532_ac9 cgp533.3_acs cgp538_acs cgp542.6_acs cgp547.4_acs cgp551.9_acs cgp555_ac9 cgp556.6_acs cgp561.3_acs cgp565.7_acs cgp569.8_acs cgp574.2_acs cgp578.3_acs cgp582.7_acs cgp587.1_acs cgp591.5_acs cgp595.7_acs cgp600.4_acs cgp604.9_acs cgp609.6_acs cgp614_acs cgp618.9_acs cgp623.5_acs cgp628_acs cgp632.7_acs cgp637.2_acs cgp641.8_acs cgp646.5_acs cgp650_ac9 cgp651.1_acs cgp655.7_acs cgp660.3_acs cgp664.8_acs cgp669.2_acs cgp673.6_acs cgp676_ac9 cgp678_acs cgp682.2_acs cgp686.5_acs cgp690.5_acs cgp694.8_acs cgp698.6_acs cgp702.5_acs cgp706.4_acs cgp710.1_acs cgp713.6_acs cgp715_ac9 cgp717.2_acs chl chl_a chl_b chl_c1 chl_c1c2 chl_c2 chl_c3 chlide_a cloud cond cruise ctd cv_lu411/lu411(nadir) cv_lu436/lu436(nadir) cv_lu486/lu486(nadir) cv_lu526/lu526(nadir) cv_lu548/lu548(nadir) cv_lu616/lu616(nadir) decimal_gmt diadino diato doc_l dolphin_lat dolphin_long dp dv_chl_a dv_chl_b epar es extchladt filename flow1 flow2 flow3 flow4 fuco gyro hex-fuco hpl instrument kd kpar lu411/lu411(nadir) lu436/lu436(nadir) lu486/lu486(nadir) lu526/lu526(nadir) lu548/lu548(nadir) lu616/lu616(nadir) lut lw lwn lwnex maxbgrz2 maxredz2 minbgrz1 minredz1 mpf mv_chl_a mv_chl_b nadir neo npf oc4v5 perid phide_a phytin_a poc pon ppc ppc_tcar ppc_tpg ppf pras pressure psc psc_tcar psp psp_tpg relaz rrs s_ag sal saz sdy sigmat sza t_mld tacc tacc_tchla tcar tchl tchl_tcar tchla_tpg tchla_tpig tot_chl_a tot_chl_b tot_chl_c tpg viola vsf vsf469_117_bb3 vsf469_p_117_bb3 vsf527_117_bb3 vsf527_p_117_bb3 vsf533_117_bb2 vsf533_p_117_bb2 vsf657_117_bb2 vsf657_117_bb3 vsf657_p_117_bb2 vsf657_p_117_bb3 vsf658_100_mascot vsf658_10_mascot vsf658_110_mascot vsf658_120_mascot vsf658_130_mascot vsf658_140_mascot vsf658_150_mascot vsf658_160_mascot vsf658_170_mascot vsf658_20_mascot vsf658_30_mascot vsf658_40_mascot vsf658_50_mascot vsf658_60_mascot vsf658_70_mascot vsf658_80_mascot vsf658_90_mascot vsf658_p_100_mascot vsf658_p_10_mascot vsf658_p_110_mascot vsf658_p_120_mascot vsf658_p_130_mascot vsf658_p_140_mascot vsf658_p_150_mascot vsf658_p_160_mascot vsf658_p_170_mascot vsf658_p_20_mascot vsf658_p_30_mascot vsf658_p_40_mascot vsf658_p_50_mascot vsf658_p_60_mascot vsf658_p_70_mascot vsf658_p_80_mascot vsf658_p_90_mascot vsf_angle vsfp wt z_0.1 z_01 z_1 z_10 z_dcm z_dfm z_eu z_mld z_oad zea
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Measurements made off the New Jersey and New York coasts between 2005 and 2009.

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