SeaBAM Data Providers                                                03/17/1999
  The SeaBAM data set represents and ongoing effort to develop a global dataset of 
Case I water types.  This dataset is used for algorithm development and satellite

Some of the data is recent and has not yet been published in the scientific literature.
To respect the publishing rights of the providers, the latest SeaBAM dataset does not
include temporal/spatial information, but only values of Rrs.

The following investigators have provided data for the SeaBAM archive. Please contact
the investigator directly for further information on their data.

Provider                    Affiliation          Experiment(s)
-----------------           -------------------  ----------------------------------
Kevin Arrigo                GSFC                 ROAVERRS97
Ken Carder                  USF                  TOTO
Francisco Chavez            MBARI                EQPAC
Denis Clark                 NOAA                 MOCE1,2
Glenn Cota                  OLD DOMINION         LABRADOR SEA
Curt Davis                  NRL                  WOCE, NABE
Roland Doerffer             GERMANY              NORTH SEA
Larry Harding               U MARYLAND           CHES. BAY
Stan Hooker                 GSFC                 ATLANTIC MERIDIONAL TRANSECT
John Marra                  LAMONT               EQPAC          
Greg Mitchell               UCSD/SIO             CalCOFI
Frank Muller-Karger         USF                  CARIACO
Dave Siegel                 UCSB                 BBOP
Ajit Subramaniam            NOAA_CSC             SARGASSO, SOUTH ATL. BIGHT
Giuseppe Zibordi            SAI_JRC, ITALY       ADRIATIC