VIIRS-SNPP vs. In situ

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Dates1970-01-01 to 2030-01-01
Date Archived1970-01-01 to 2030-01-01
Depth0 to 10000
Output Productschl
Data Sourceseabass
Minimum valid satellite pixels50
Maximum solar zenith angle75
Maximum satellite zenith angle60
Maximum time difference between satellite and in situ3
Maximum coefficient of variation of satellite pixels0.15
Maximum irradiance difference between measured and modeled20
Maximum windspeed35
Satellite Version2018.0
Most Recent Data Update2019-09-05 20:19:35

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Seegers, Bridget N., Richard P. Stumpf, Blake A. Schaeffer, Keith A. Loftin, and P. Jeremy Werdell (2018), Performance metrics for the assessment of satellite data products: an ocean color case study. Optics Express. Vol. 26, No. 6, 7404-7422, DOI: 10.1364/OE.26.007404.