Welcome to the SeaWiFS Bio-optical Archive and Storage System (SeaBASS), the publicly shared archive of in situ oceanographic and atmospheric data maintained by the NASA Ocean Biology Processing Group (OBPG). For information on how to search for data, please refer to the "Get Data" menu options. For information about preparing files for submission to SeaBASS, refer to "Contribute Data."

Recent Data Updates

Date Investigator Cruise Parameters
2019-05-23 Michael Ondrusek P18_2016 Lwn
2019-05-20 Michael Ondrusek AOML_1803 Lwn
2019-05-20 Michael Ondrusek AOML_1810 Lwn
2019-05-20 Michael Ondrusek CALVAL_1805 Lwn
2019-05-20 Michael Ondrusek ECOA-2 Lwn
2019-05-20 Michael Ondrusek ECOA-3 Lwn
2019-05-20 Michael Ondrusek ECOMON_1806 Lwn
2019-05-20 Michael Ondrusek ECOMON_1808 Lwn
2019-05-20 Michael Ondrusek ECOMON_1810 Lwn
2019-05-20 Michael Ondrusek RNG_1808 Lwn



A validation update

Recently released AERONET-OC data (Version 2, level 2.0) were processed for SeaBASS validation. These data were also used to create SeaBASS's first VIIRS-JPSS1 validation results.


Metadata Header Updates

Several new metadata headers have been created to make it easier to interpret useful information without users needing to manually parse external documents. These new headers are optional but recommended from now on:

  • instrument_model (e.g., PRR-800)
  • instrument_manufacturer (e.g., Biospherical_Instruments_Inc.)
  • calibration_date (e.g., 20190230)


New Fields

New field names are added SeaBASS over time to meet the needs of evolving science and new types of submissions. New fields are not usually announced, but special attention is called to the recently added variations of commonly submitted measurements. These variants were added to keep distinct measurements or derivations whose methodology imparts significant differences or caveats compared to other techniques. Effort is made to avoid creating an unnecessary amount of field names in SeaBASS, but that is balanced by also trying to prevent lumping together distinct measurements in a way that cannot be separated easily.

  • Chl_stimf [mg/m^3] Chlorophyll a derived from a calibrated in situ fluorometer (see 'stimf' for reporting uncalibrated values)
  • Chl_experimental [mg/m^3] Chlorophyll a derived via experiment, or experimental methods. See specific documentation for more information
  • Chl_lineheight [mg/m^3] Proxy Chlorophyll concentration derived using particulate absorption line height
  • POC_cp [mg/m^3] Proxy POC concentration derived using particulate attenuation