Welcome to the SeaWiFS Bio-optical Archive and Storage System (SeaBASS), the publicly shared archive of in situ oceanographic and atmospheric data maintained by the NASA Ocean Biology Processing Group (OBPG). For information on how to search for data, please refer to the "Get Data" menu options. For information about preparing files for submission to SeaBASS, refer to "Contribute Data."

Recent Data Updates

Date Investigator Cruise Parameters
2024-02-26 Antonio Mannino viirs_2014_foster roll_es,pitch_es,roll_ed,pitch_ed,es,ed,lu
2024-02-26 Antonio Mannino viirs_2015_foster es,ed,lu,natf,roll_es,pitch_es,roll_ed,pitch_ed
2024-02-26 Norman B_Nelson BATS405 wavelength,cdomf_ex
2024-02-16 Alyson Santoro EXPORTSNA r2r_event,sample,station,depth,date,time,lat,lon,sample_1id,sample_2id,sample_3id,sample_4id,sample_5id,rrna_gene,associated_files,associated_file_types
2024-02-16 Lee Karp-Boss EXPORTSNA PSD
2024-02-16 Lee Karp-Boss EXPORTSNP PSD
2024-02-09 Amy Maas EXPORTSNA r2r_event,date,time,station_alt_id,depth_start,depth_end,lat,lon,depth,volfilt,abun_zoop_*
2024-02-09 Norman B_Nelson BATS405 wavelength,ag,ag_se,abs_ag,abs_ag_sd,a*srfa,abs_nacl_30ppt,abs_nacl_40ppt,abs_blank_ag,abs_blank_ag_sd
2024-01-30 Mark Brzezinski EXPORTSNA bsi
2024-01-29 Antonio Mannino Alakanuk_2022 wavelength,rrs,rrs_sd,es,es_sd



New metadata _id headers

New metadata headers (cruise_id, platform_id, glider_id) are available to improve dataset interoperability. Usage is optional (but recommended) so add them if relevant. They are mutually exclusive with each other.


Validation Update: AERONET-OC V3

SeaBASS Validation results have been updated with AERONET-OC V3 data


New Ordering and Download System

SeaBASS data downloads are now unified and distributed under the same system that manages NASA satellite Ocean Biology data

  • Placing a SeaBASS data order to download data now requires a NASA Earthdata login (you will be prompted to create one if you don't already have one)
  • Downloads will be fulfilled through an order manager

More info including links to illustrated instructions is found under Download and Order SeaBASS data