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The following section contains various examples for SeaBASS submitters and users.

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Calibration/Instrument Reports

Every cruise submitted to SeaBASS is required to be accompied by a calibration/instrument report. The calibration report should include enough information so that the reader can understand how raw instrument measurements were collected and processed into your reported values. The report should describe calibration equations and values, how the instruments were calibrated, and what types of corrections or data analysis were applied to create your reported values. Your report may also include references to standard protocols and techniques. All these details will allow for more accurate comparisons between datasets, error propagation and/or alternate analysis methods.
Scientific instruments come in many sizes and shapes and so will these reports. This template outlines information that should be included, although not all categories suggested here will be appropriate for every type of instrument.


Calibration/Instrument Report Examples

Here are several examples of reports created for various instruments:


Here are additional good examples of instrument and cruise reports submitted by other data contributors:
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