Validation Search Summaries

Below are links that will bring you directly to the results of commonly used validation searches. Searching will take a little while, so please wait after clicking on a link.

Disclaimer: These search results include all available matchups for the particular sensor and product (within certain default exclusion parameters.) Some of these matchups include in situ measurements collected from unusual sites (for example, measurements made during a HAB or from other unique coastal waters.) Narrow the results by performing a customized search and/or downloading the data from the results page.

Sensor Rrs Chl
SeaWIFS in situ | aeronet in situ
MODIS Aqua in situ | aeronet in situ
MODIS Terra in situ | aeronet in situ
VIIRS in situ | aeronet in situ
OCTS in situ in situ
CZCS in situ in situ