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A list of data archived in the past six months (presented in the order archived) :

Date Status PI* Experiment Cruise Parameters Archive Link
2021-07-26 update Antonio Mannino VIIRS_Validation viirs_2014_foster HPLC archive
2021-07-21 new David Nicholson EXPORTS EXPORTSNA sal,wt,sigma_theta,oxygen_kg,oxygen,oxygen_saturation,oxygen_quality archive
2021-06-29 new Antonio Mannino Arctic_RSWQ Arctic_RSWQ_Yukon HPLC,POC,PN archive
2021-06-29 new Antonio Mannino Arctic_RSWQ Arctic_RSWQ_Norton_Sound HPLC,POC,PN archive
2021-06-29 new Antonio Mannino Arctic_RSWQ Arctic_RSWQ_Kaktovik HPLC,POC,PN archive
2021-06-28 new Antonio Mannino Arctic_RSWQ Arctic_RSWQ_Norton_Sound Rrs,Rrs_unc archive
2021-06-14 new David Siegel Plumes_and_Blooms [Multiple cruises] chl,no3,no2,po4,sio4,bsi,lsi,HPLC archive
2021-06-10 new Norman Nelson NAAMES [Multiple cruises] wt,es,lu,ed,par archive
2021-06-07 new Antonio Mannino ECOA ECOA-2 wavelength,ag archive
2021-06-04 update Antonio Mannino KORUS KR_2016 HyperInSpace archive
2021-06-01 new Antonio Mannino VIIRS_Validation viirs_2019_foster date,time,lat,lon,relaz,sza,aot,cloud,wind,rrs,es archive
2021-05-17 new William Balch GNATS s200901w depth,wt archive
2021-05-13 new Antonio Mannino Ocean_Color_Cal_Val [Multiple cruises] wavelength,ag archive
2021-04-23 new Deric Gray KORUS KR_2016 wavelength,es,lt_stokes1,lt_stokes2,lt_stokes3 archive
2021-03-26 new Antonio Mannino ODU_CBM odu_cbm_transects wavelength,ag archive
2021-03-23 new Pierre Larouche Optique_St_Laurent IML2010-19 ag,ad,ap,aphy,chl,phaeo,spm,bbp,cg,cgp,agp archive
2021-03-09 update Antonio Mannino BIODIVERSITY [Multiple cruises] wavelength,ag archive
2021-03-08 new Pierre Larouche ArcticNet 2010-1a ad,ap,ag,HPLC,PSD_DNSD,bbp,SPM,agp,cgp,chl_stimf,cdomf archive
2021-03-04 new Andrew McDonnell EXPORTS EXPORTSNP PSD_DNSD,PSD_DVSD,abun_zoop,biovol_zoop archive
2021-02-01 new David Siegel Plumes_and_Blooms [Multiple cruises] wavelength,ag,abs_ag,ap,ad,aph,a*ph,abs_ap,abs_ad archive
* For simplicity, only the Principal Investigator is listed.
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