Who We Are

The SeaWiFS Bio-optical Archive and Storage System, or SeaBASS, is a sub-project of the NASA Ocean Biology Processing Group designed to house in situ measurements with the end goal of aiding the validation of satellite data and the calibration of satellite sensor gains. The data is collected from all over the world and a variety of sources, namely scientific expeditions from various agencies, universities, etc, the Aerosol Robotic Network, or AERONET, program, and the Marine Optical Buoy, or MOBY, project.

Contact Us

SeaBASS has a dedicated sub-forum on the OceanColor Forum where you can browse previously asked questions or interact with the community by creating or contributing to posts about field data or validation.

Questions, comments, feedback, and bug reports can be emailed to seabass@seabass.gsfc.nasa.gov so the most qualified (or at least the most available) member of our team can respond.