Directory Structure

The SeaBASS data archive is organized (when possible) as follows:
/AFFILIATION/EXPERIMENTlong term research project
/AFFILIATION/EXPERIMENT/CRUISE/archive (or /2K)current online data
/AFFILIATION/EXPERIMENT/CRUISE/documentssupporting documentation and calibration files

Additional data collected under this cruise, experiment, or investigator may be available under their respective data summary pages or by crafting a customized query using the SeaBASS File Search. For more information on how to search, access, and download data from the SeaBASS archive, see our Getting Started guide.

Please acknowledge all data sources

Index of /archive/MAINE/boss/Tara_Mediterranean/Malta-Bizerte/archive

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Name Last Modified Size
text Tara_ACS_apcp2014_242ap.txt Mar 14, 2016 442 KB
text Tara_ACS_apcp2014_242cp.txt Mar 14, 2016 438 KB
text Tara_ACS_apcp2014_243ap.txt Mar 14, 2016 1253 KB
text Tara_ACS_apcp2014_243cp.txt Mar 14, 2016 1241 KB
text Tara_ACS_apcp2014_244ap.txt Mar 14, 2016 542 KB
text Tara_ACS_apcp2014_244cp.txt Mar 14, 2016 537 KB
text Tara_HyperPro_2014_Malta-Bizerte.txt Mar 14, 2016 28 KB