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Experiment: NOAA
PIs*: Brown, Chris
Start Time:1998-04-03 19:40:00
End Time:1998-04-27 18:49:00
Data Types: cast, pigment
Parameters: allo but-fuco chl chl_a chl_b chl_c chl_c3 chlide_a diadino ed edgnd edgnd1 es fuco hex-fuco lu lugnd lut par par1 perid phaeo phide_a phide_b phide_c qsp roll scat spm stimf tilt wt xmiss zea
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NOAA_CSC/APR98SAB/2K/p980405b.sb archive link
NOAA_CSC/APR98SAB/2K/p980405c.sb archive link
NOAA_CSC/APR98SAB/2K/p980406a.sb archive link
NOAA_CSC/APR98SAB/2K/p980406c.sb archive link
NOAA_CSC/APR98SAB/2K/p980406f.sb archive link
NOAA_CSC/APR98SAB/2K/p980411a.sb archive link
NOAA_CSC/APR98SAB/2K/p980413a.sb archive link
NOAA_CSC/APR98SAB/2K/p980414a.sb archive link
NOAA_CSC/APR98SAB/2K/p980415a.sb archive link
NOAA_CSC/APR98SAB/2K/p980418a.sb archive link
NOAA_CSC/APR98SAB/2K/p980418b.sb archive link
NOAA_CSC/APR98SAB/2K/p980421a.sb archive link
NOAA_CSC/APR98SAB/2K/p980421b.sb archive link
NOAA_CSC/APR98SAB/2K/p980422a.sb archive link
NOAA_CSC/APR98SAB/2K/p980422b.sb archive link
NOAA_CSC/APR98SAB/2K/p980424a.sb archive link
NOAA_CSC/APR98SAB/2K/p980426b.sb archive link
NOAA_CSC/APR98SAB/2K/p980427a.sb archive link
NOAA_CSC/APR98SAB/2K/p980427b.sb archive link
NOAA_CSC/APR98SAB/2K/apr98sabhplc.txt archive link