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Experiment: COASTAL
PIs*: Hooker, Stan
Start Time:2007-09-06 13:24:47
End Time:2007-09-06 21:23:00
Data Types: above_water, cast, pigment, scan
Parameters: a abs_ad abs_ad_2 abs_ap abs_ap_2 ad ad_2 allo alpha-beta-car ap ap_2 aph aph_2 bb bbp but-fuco c cast cdom chl chl_c1 chl_c2 chl_c3 chlide_a cloud cond diadino diato dv_chl_a dv_chl_b epar es extchladt filename flow1 flow2 flow3 flow4 fuco gmt_time_stamp gyro hex-fuco hpl_sample_code instrument kd kpar lut lw lwn lwnex mv_chl_a mv_chl_b neo oc4v5 perid phide_a phytin_a pras rrs sal saz sza t_mld tot_chl_a tot_chl_b tot_chl_c viola volfilt vsf vsfp vx wt z_0.1 z_1 z_10 z_dcm z_dfm z_eu z_mld z_oad zea
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NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/C06.txt archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/HPL_pigment_results_C6_Sep2007.txt archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/c06cu001.ehu archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/c06cu002.ehu archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/c06fu001.ohu archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/c06fu002.ohu archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/c06gu001.shu archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/c06gu002.shu archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/c06ju001.ohu archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/c06ju002.ohu archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/c06ku001.ohu archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/c06ku002.ohu archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/c06pu001.ohu archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/c06pu002.ohu archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/iop/C6_St1_AP.csv archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/iop/C6_St2_15m_AP.csv archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/iop/C6_St2_5m_AP.csv archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/iop/C6_St3_AP.csv archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/iop/C6_St4_AOP1_AP.csv archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/iop/C6_St4_AOP2_AP.csv archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/iop/C6_St5_AP.csv archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/c06iu001.ohu archive link
NASA_GSFC/sbh/archive/c06/c06iu002.ohu archive link