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Experiment: CARIACO
PIs*: Muller-Karger, Frank
Start Time:2012-04-10 08:41:15
End Time:2012-04-10 16:30:00
Data Types: above_water, cast, pigment
Parameters: allo alpha-beta-car but-fuco chl chl_c1c2 chl_c3 chlide_a cnw diadino diato dp dv_chl_a dv_chl_b ed es fuco gyro hex-fuco kd lsky lt lu lut lw mv_chl_a mv_chl_b neo perid phaeo phide_a phytin_a ppc ppc_tcar ppc_tpg pras pressure psc psc_tcar psp psp_tpg rrs sal stimf tacc tacc_tchla tcar tchl tchl_tcar tchla_tpg tot_chl_a tot_chl_b tot_chl_c tpg viola wt zea
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USF/FMK/CARIACO/2012/archive/C190spe_1_seabass.txt archive link
USF/FMK/CARIACO/2012/archive/C190spe_2_seabass.txt archive link
USF/FMK/CARIACO/2012/archive/C190spe_3_seabass.txt archive link
USF/FMK/CARIACO/2012/archive/C190_1_1_matchup.txt archive link
USF/FMK/CARIACO/2012/archive/C190_1_1_prr.txt archive link
USF/FMK/CARIACO/2012/archive/C190_1_2_matchup.txt archive link
USF/FMK/CARIACO/2012/archive/C190_1_2_prr.txt archive link
USF/FMK/CARIACO/2012/archive/C190_1_3_matchup.txt archive link
USF/FMK/CARIACO/2012/archive/C190_1_3_prr.txt archive link
USF/FMK/CARIACO/2012/archive/C190_HPLC.txt archive link
USF/FMK/CARIACO/2012/archive/car190_1.txt archive link