The ICARTT format is a plain text, ASCII-based science data format, containing a strictly formatted header block and a comma-separated data block, much like SeaBASS's file format. Unlike SeaBASS, it also contains neat, space-saving ways for multi-dimensional data and colocated files. The entire format is detailed here.

Step 1 - Content

Copy and paste your SeaBASS file here:

Step 2a - File Name and Download

ICARTT has very strict file naming rules. Briefly, it should match:
where dataID describes the data, locationID describes the site/station/lab, the date and time are UTC the start date of the data, and R, L, and V numbers are the revision, launch, and volume numbers. Use hyphens to separate fields within dataID or locationID.

Press the "Guess Names" buttons to try to auto-generate some options or fill in your own file name.

Step 2b - Convert to Copy and Paste

Here, you can just convert the text in-page to be copy-and-pasted elsewhere.