Lee, Zhongping

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Experiment Cruise Year Products
CORAL cah1609 2016 rrs rrs_sd
CORAL cal1609 2016 rrs rrs_sd
CORAL cgu1704 2017 rrs rrs_sd
CORAL chi1606 2016 rrs rrs_sd
CORAL chi1702 2017 rrs rrs_sd
CORAL cpa1705 2017 rrs rrs_sd
GEO-CAPE gomex_2013 2013 rrs
GreenBay greenbay_01 2010 rrs
Great_Lakes lake_michigan_2013 2013 rrs
MASS_BAY massbay20140907 2014 rrs
MASS_BAY massbay20140917 2014 rrs
MASS_BAY massbay20150915 2015 rrs
MASS_BAY massbay20150917 2015 rrs
MASS_BAY massbay20150918 2015 rrs
MONTEREY_BAY mb2006_coast 2006 rrs
MOBY moby_hawaii 2014 rrs
Ocean_Color_Cal_Val ocval1 2007 rrs vsf vsf_angle
Ocean_Color_Cal_Val ocval2 2007 rrs vsf vsf_angle
GasEx so-gasex 2008 altitude am aot pressure_atm r440_ r675_ r870_ r936_ rrs sig std sza vsf vsf_angle wvp
VIIRS_Validation viirs_2014_foster 2014 rrs