Ondrusek, Michael

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Experiment Cruise Year Products
VIIRS_Validation AOML_1803 2018 lwn sdy
VIIRS_Validation AOML_1810 2018 lwn sdy
VIIRS_Validation CALVAL_1805 2018 lwn sdy
GEO-CAPE chesbay_cbodaq 2011 ed es lu pvel wt
chesapeake_val_2013 chesbay_val_2013_apr-may 2013 lwn rrs
chesapeake_val_2013 chesbay_val_2013_aug 2013 f0 lwn rrs
ECOA ecoa-1 2015 lwn sdy
ECOA ECOA-2 2018 lwn sdy
ECOA ECOA-3 2018 lwn sdy
ECOMON ECOMON_1806 2018 lwn sdy
ECOMON ECOMON_1808 2018 lwn sdy
ECOMON ECOMON_1810 2018 lwn sdy
GEO-CAPE gomex_2013 2013 lwn
GO-SHIP P18_2016 2016 lwn sdy
VIIRS_Validation RNG_1808 2018 lwn sdy
VIIRS_Validation viirs_2014_foster 2014 chl lwn sdy
VIIRS_Validation viirs_2014_hi 2014 lwn sdy
VIIRS_Validation viirs_2014_pr 2014 lwn sdy
VIIRS_Validation viirs_2015_foster 2015 chl lwn sdy
VIIRS_Validation viirs_2015_pr 2015 lwn sdy