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Experiment Cruise Year Products
ACIDD ACIDD_2017 2017 abs_ad abs_ad_sd abs_ap abs_ap_sd abs_blank_ad abs_blank_ap ad ad_sd allo allo_sd alpha-beta-car alpha-beta-car_sd ap ap_sd aph aph_sd bbp bbp_sd but-fuco but-fuco_sd chl_c1c2 chl_c1c2_sd chl_c3 chl_c3_sd chlide_a chlide_a_sd cond cond_sd cp cp_sd diadino diadino_sd diato diato_sd dp dp_sd dv_chl_a dv_chl_a_sd dv_chl_b dv_chl_b_sd fuco fuco_sd gyro gyro_sd hex-fuco hex-fuco_sd lut lut_sd mv_chl_a mv_chl_a_sd mv_chl_b mv_chl_b_sd neo neo_sd perid perid_sd phide_a phide_a_sd phytin_a phytin_a_sd ppc ppc_sd pras pras_sd psc psc_sd psd psd_sd psp psp_sd sal sal_sd tacc tacc_sd tcar tcar_sd tchl tchl_sd tot_chl_a tot_chl_a_sd tot_chl_b tot_chl_b_sd tot_chl_c tot_chl_c_sd tpg tpg_sd trans viola viola_sd wt wt_sd zea zea_sd