Welcome to the SeaWiFS Bio-optical Archive and Storage System (SeaBASS), the publicly shared archive of in situ oceanographic and atmospheric data maintained by the NASA Ocean Biology Processing Group (OBPG). For information on how to search for data, please refer to the "Get Data" menu options. For information about preparing files for submission to SeaBASS, refer to "Contribute Data."

New Nav Bar

We've reorganized the site a little bit to hopefully make it more intuitive. There's also a handy how-to-use-SeaBASS article located under Data Users above.


Minor Changes

Most notably, you can now search for multiple custom parameters in the bio-optical search. The mailing list subscription is shiny and working, so head on over to here and sign yourself up for weekly data updates.


Data Bundled With Documents

Most (or at least some) data downloaded from the bio-optical search is now bundled with its accompanying documentation.


Maps and Bio-optical Search Modified

All Google Maps have been resized to fit only one Earth.

The bio-optical search has been modified to only include files with exact product matches instead of a substring match.


New CSV Headers

CSV files from searches now come with a small, SeaBASS-like header so our users can (hopefully) reuse SeaBASS file reading scripts/software.


We've Made the Switch

It's official, ladies and gentlemen. As you can see, the beta has finished its trial and is now the official SeaBASS site. Feedback and bug reports are very welcome.


When it Rains, it Pours

I've changed the search page a bit, added a Most Recent Update field to validation search results, and added a page to fast track users to the validation search results.



Despite my best judgement, I've pushed out some updates on a Friday afternoon. Some bug fixes, some shiny new features, some old features made shiny.

Most importantly, VIIRS has been added to the validation search.


Bringing SeaBASS back in style!

This beta is not 100% complete. Specifically, it's still lacking in much of the static content and lists and such. This live version is mainly to show off the shiny, new look and to give users a chance to try the new and improved searches (which aren't 100%, either).