PIs*: Behrenfeld, Mike | Benitez-Nelson, Claudia | Boss, Emmanuel | Bourdin, Guillaume | Brzezinski, Mark | Buesseler, Ken | Carlson, Craig | Cassar, Nicolas | DAsaro, Eric | Durkin, Colleen | Estapa, Margaret | Fassbender, Andrea | Gifford, Scott | Graff, Jason | Gray, Deric | Halsey, Kimberly | Hansell, Dennis | Johnson, Leah | Karp-Boss, Lee | Kramer, Sasha | Lee, Craig | Long, Jacqueline | Maas, Amy | Mannino, Antonio | Marchetti, Adrian | McDonnell, Andrew | Menden-Deuer, Susanne | Nelson, Norman | Nicholson, David | Omand, Melissa | Passow, Uta | Perry, Mary | Roesler, Collin | Rynearson, Tatiana | Santoro, Alyson | Siegel, David | Sosik, Heidi | Steinberg, Deborah | Thompson, Andrew | Zhang, Xiaodong
Start Time:2018-08-06 21:05:05
End Time:2021-09-30 23:47:42
Data Types: bottle, cast, flow_thru, sonar, mooring, float, above_water, scan, pigment, sediment_trap, community_amplicons, experimental, marine_snow_catcher, net_tow, auv
Parameters: 13co2_amps 3h_leu 3h_leu_l 3h_leu_l_sd 3h_leu_sd a*srfa aa_alanine aa_alanine_sd aa_arginine aa_arginine_sd aa_aspartic_acid aa_aspartic_acid_sd aa_beta-alanine aa_beta-alanine_sd aa_gamma_amino_butyric_acid aa_gamma_amino_butyric_acid_sd aa_glutamic_acid aa_glutamic_acid_sd aa_glycine aa_glycine_sd aa_histidine aa_histidine_sd aa_isoleucine aa_isoleucine_sd aa_leucine aa_leucine_sd aa_lysine aa_lysine_sd aa_methionine aa_methionine_sd aa_phenylalanine aa_phenylalanine_sd aa_serine aa_serine_sd aa_taurine aa_taurine_sd aa_threonine aa_threonine_sd aa_tyrosine aa_tyrosine_sd aa_valine aa_valine_sd abs_ad abs_ag abs_ag_sd abs_ap abs_blank_ad abs_blank_ap abs_blank_ap_sd abs_nacl abs_zero abun abun_bacterioplankton abun_bacterioplankton_sd abun_sd abun_zoop abundance ad ad_model ad_unc ag ag_sd ag_se agaus agaus_mae agp agp_sd allo alpha-beta-car amplitude aot aou_kg ap ap_sd ap_unc aph aph_model aph_unc ar_amps area_cross_section area_pxl associated_archive_types associated_archives associated_file_types associated_files associatedmedia at ba_138_134_d_delta ba_138_134_d_delta_unc bb_counts bbp bbp_gamma bbp_sd bin_diameter_center bin_diameter_lower bin_diameter_upper biomass_microzoop biotic_group biovol_bacterioplankton biovol_bacterioplankton_sd biovol_zoop biovolume bottle boundingbox_1 boundingbox_2 boundingbox_3 boundingbox_4 bp bp_unc bsi bsi_sd bsi_unc but-fuco c c_sd cast catalognumber cdmf cdmf_counts cdomf cdomf_sd centroid_1 centroid_2 cg cg_sd chl chl_c1c2 chl_c3 chl_experiment chl_experiment_sd chl_lineheight chl_lineheight_unc chl_npq chl_sd chl_stimf chl_stimf_gridded chl_stimf_volts chlide_a circularity cloud co2_amps conc_ba_total conc_ba_total_unc conc_particles conc_pb_210 conc_pb_210_unc conc_po_210 conc_po_210_unc conc_th_234 conc_th_234_se conc_th_234_unc conc_u_238 conc_u_238_unc cond cond_sd conversion_factor cp cp_gamma cp_gamma_rmse cp_sd cp_unc cp_volts data_provider_category_automated data_provider_category_manual diadino diato dic dna doc doc_l doc_l_sd doc_sd dp dv_chl_a dv_chl_b ed ed412_gridded ed443_gridded ed555_gridded ed_bincount ed_sd ed_unc edpar_scalar_watts eodpar_w eodpar_w_volts eoupar_w eoupar_w_volts epar equivalent_spherical_diameter equivalent_spherical_diameter_avgmm es es_sd es_unc eu eu_bincount eu_unc eupar_scalar_watts eventid exp f0 fecalpellet_production_carbon_carbonweight fecalpellet_production_carbon_carbonweight_sd fecalpellet_production_carbon_dryweight fecalpellet_production_carbon_dryweight_sd fl-h fl-h_sd flux_atn flux_atn_gel flux_atn_gel_unc flux_atn_ost flux_atn_ost_unc flux_atn_unc flux_ba flux_ba_sd flux_bsi flux_bsi_sd flux_calibration_method flux_cells flux_cells_unc flux_mass flux_mass_sd flux_p flux_p_sd flux_particle_carbon flux_particle_carbon_unc flux_particles flux_particles_unc flux_pc flux_pc_sd flux_pic flux_pic_sd flux_pn flux_pn_sd flux_poc flux_poc_sd flux_sampling_method flux_sinking_speed_method flux_submethod flux_th_234 flux_th_234_sd flux_th_234_se fm fsc-h fsc-h_sd fuco fv_fm g g_se gyro h2o_amps hex-fuco hplc_gsfc identification_manual incubation_duration incubation_temperature it length_representation lightlevel lsi lu lu_bincount lu_sd lu_unc lut lw lw_unc majoraxislength_pxl minoraxislength_pxl msv msv_sd mv_chl_a mv_chl_b n2_amps n2_ar_ratio n2_o2_ratio namespace_manual natf ncp_o2_ar_ratio_continuous neo net_interval nh4 nh4_sd no2 no2_no3 no3 o2_amps o2_ar_ratio oxygen oxygen_consumption_tempcorr oxygen_kg oxygen_kg_gridded oxygen_phase oxygen_saturation oxygen_saturation_gridded p12matrix p22matrix par par_gridded pc pc_unc pe_alpha pe_ek pe_pmax perid perimeter_pxl ph phaeo phase phide_a phycocyanin phycocyanin_sd phytin_a phyto_carbon pic pic_unc piston_velocity pn_mmol pn_mmol_unc po4 poc poc_cp poc_incubation poc_incubation_sd poc_sd poc_se pon pon_nh4_incubation pon_nh4_incubation_sd pon_no3_incubation pon_no3_incubation_sd pon_sd pon_se ppc ppc_tcar ppc_tpg pras prediction_score_automated_category profile psc psc_tcar psd psd_dnsd psd_dvsd psd_nsd psd_sd psd_vsd psp psp_tpg ptp ptp_unc r2r_event rate_13c_uptake_bottle rate_13c_uptake_bottle_sd rate_14c_uptake_bottle rate_14c_uptake_bottle_sd rate_14c_uptake_pe rate_15n_nh4_uptake_bottle rate_15n_nh4_uptake_bottle_sd rate_15n_no3_uptake_bottle rate_15n_no3_uptake_bottle_sd rate_15n_uptake_bottle rate_diff_c_dark_incub rate_diff_o2_corrcoef rate_diff_o2_dark_incub rate_nitrification rate_production_doc_mass_specific rate_respiration_c_mass_specific rate_respiration_c_normalized rate_respiration_carbon_zoop rate_respiration_o2_ind ratio relaz rna rrna_gene rrs rrs_unc sal sal_gridded sal_sd salp_biomass_dry salp_biomass_wet scientificname_automated scientificname_manual scientificnameid_automated scientificnameid_manual sdy sigma_psii sigma_theta sigma_theta_gridded sigmat sinking_velocity sinking_velocity_sd sio4 size_fraction_max size_fraction_min speed_f_w ssc-h ssc-h_sd sst stimf_counts stimf_counts_gridded sza tacc tacc_tchla tcar tchl tchl_tcar tchla_tpg tdn tdn_kg tdn_kg_sd tdn_sd tep_bottle tep_bottle_sd tep_msc tep_msc_sd toc toc_l toc_l_sd toc_sd tot_chl_a tot_chl_b tot_chl_c total_alkalinity tpg trans u u_ph u_ph_se u_se veleast velnorth viola volume volume_analyzed_ul vsf vsf470_gridded vsf700_gridded vsf_sd vsf_volts vsfp vsfp_sd weight_dry weight_protein_community weight_wet width_representation wind wt wt_gridded wt_sd z_mld zea zoop_biomass_dry zoop_biomass_wet
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EXport Processes in the Ocean from RemoTeSensing (EXPORTS) is a NASA-led and NSF co-funded science project aiming to understand export and fate of upper ocean net primary production (NPP) using satellite remote sensing, state of the art ocean field measurements, and numerical models. EXPORTS lead a pre-EXPORTS modeling and data-mining activity, followed by two major oceanographic expeditions: EXPORTS North Pacific (EXPORTSNP) and EXPORTS North Atlantic (EXPORTSNA); and it is currently on a final project phase of synthesis and modeling.

The EXPORTSNP deployment was conducted at Ocean Station Papa (Station P, nominally 50N, 145W) operated by Canada's Line P time-series sampling program. The EXPORTS 2018 field deployment consisted of four major components: 1) the R/V Roger Revelle (cruise id= RR1813) functioned as the Process Ship, sampling BGC stocks and fluxes, ecological abundances and rates, and optical properties following a Lagrangian float; 2) the R/V Sally Ride(cruise id=SR1012) was the Survey Ship and characterized spatial variability about the Process Ship on scales from about 1 to 100 km; 4) a heterogeneous array of AUV platforms was deployed to set the spatial center of the sampling program, to provide horizontal spatial and high-temporal information, and to extend the temporal presence in the area; and 4) a long-term sampling presence was created, tying the ship-based observations to climatically relevant time and space scales using BGC floats and partnerships with ongoing research programs.

The EXPORTSNA deployment was conducted at the Porcupine Abyssal Plain (Station PAP, nominally) in collaboration with the PAP Sustained Observatory (PAP-SO) which is a sustained, multidisciplinary observatory in the North Atlantic coordinated by the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton. Similar to the North Pacific filed mission, EXPORTSNA consisted of Process Ship represented by the RRS James Cook (cruise id = JC214), a Survey Ship represented by the RRS Discovery (cruise id = DY131), over 40 autonomous assets, and long-term collaboration and observations using BGC floats and partnerships with ongoing research programs. Among the assets, the user will find data from 3 different glider missions (SG219, SG237, SL305), a lagrangian floats (LF092), Neutrally Buoyant Sediment Traps (NBST) floats, Wirewalker, TZEK, and Minions. EXPORTS partnered with the Ocean Twilight Zone (OTZ) program with a third vessel, the R/V Sarmiento de Gamboa (cruise id= SG2105) that join them at the PAP station. EXPORTS funded data were collected aboard SG2105 as well, however, all the data collected is served under the OTZ_WHOI SeaBASS experiment and cruise SG2105. For additional information about the EXPORTS field experiments please refer to Siegel et al., 2021.

EXPORTS data funded under NSF can be found in BCO-DMO: https://www.bco-dmo.org/program/757397

To find information about all the data collected under EXPORTS and their data repositories and availability, please visit: https://sites.google.com/view/oceanexports/home



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