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PIs*: Behrenfeld, Mike | Benitez-Nelson, Claudia | Boss, Emmanuel | Carlson, Craig | Durkin, Colleen | Estapa, Margaret | Graff, Jason | Halsey, Kimberly | Maas, Amy | Marchetti, Adrian | Menden-Deuer, Susanne | Nelson, Norman | Nicholson, David | Niebergall, Alex | Passow, Uta | Roesler, Collin | Siegel, David | Steinberg, Deborah
Start Time:2018-08-11 00:31:32
End Time:2018-09-11 17:02:13
Data Types: bottle, cast, flow_thru, marine_snow_catcher, net_tow, pigment, scan, sediment_trap
Parameters: 13co2_amps 3h_leu 3h_leu_l 3h_leu_l_sd 3h_leu_sd a*srfa abs_ad abs_ag abs_ag_sd abs_ap abs_blank_ad abs_blank_ap abs_nacl abs_zero abun abun_bacterioplankton abun_bacterioplankton_sd abun_sd abundance ad ad_model ag ag_sd ag_se allo alpha-beta-car ap ap_sd ap_unc aph aph_model ar_amps associated_file_types associated_files at ba_138_134_d_delta ba_138_134_d_delta_1umfilt_5umprefilt_unc ba_138_134_d_delta_51umfilt_unc ba_138_134_d_delta_5umfilt_51umprefilt_unc bbp bin_diameter_center bin_diameter_lower bin_diameter_upper biotic_group biovol_bacterioplankton biovol_bacterioplankton_sd bottle bp bp_unc bsi bsi_0.8umfilt_51umprefilt_unc bsi_51umfilt_unc bsi_5umfilt_51umprefilt_unc but-fuco c cdmf_counts cdomf chl_c1c2 chl_c3 chl_experiment chl_experiment_sd chl_lineheight chl_lineheight_unc chl_stimf chlide_a co2_amps conc_ba_total conc_ba_total_1umfilt_5umprefilt_unc conc_ba_total_51umfilt_unc conc_ba_total_5umfilt_51umprefilt_unc conc_pb_210 conc_pb_210_1umfilt_5umprefilt_unc conc_pb_210_51umfilt_unc conc_pb_210_5umfilt_51umprefilt_unc conc_po_210 conc_po_210_1umfilt_5umprefilt_unc conc_po_210_51umfilt_unc conc_po_210_5umfilt_51umprefilt_unc conc_th_234 conc_th_234_1umfilt_5umprefilt_unc conc_th_234_51umfilt_unc conc_th_234_5umfilt_51umprefilt_unc conc_th_234_se conc_u_238 cp cp_gamma cp_gamma_rmse cp_sd cp_unc diadino diato doc doc_l doc_l_sd doc_sd dp dv_chl_a dv_chl_b f0 fecalpellet_production_carbon_carbonweight fecalpellet_production_carbon_carbonweight_sd fecalpellet_production_carbon_dryweight fecalpellet_production_carbon_dryweight_sd fl-h fl-h_sd flux_atn flux_atn_unc flux_ba flux_ba_sd flux_bsi flux_bsi_sd flux_calibration_method flux_mass flux_mass_sd flux_p flux_p_sd flux_particles flux_particles_unc flux_pc flux_pc_sd flux_pic flux_pic_sd flux_pn flux_pn_sd flux_poc flux_poc_sd flux_sampling_method flux_sinking_speed_method flux_submethod flux_th_234 flux_th_234_sd flux_th_234_se fm fsc-h fsc-h_sd fuco fv_fm g g_se gyro h2o_amps hex-fuco hplc_gsfc_id identification_manual lightlevel lsi lut mv_chl_a mv_chl_b n2_amps n2_ar_ratio n2_o2_ratio namespace_manual nanoeukaryote_abun ncp_o2_ar_ratio_continuous neo net_interval no2 no2_no3 no3 o2_amps o2_ar_ratio oxygen oxygen_consumption_tempcorr oxygen_saturation par pc pc_1umfilt_5umprefilt_unc pc_51umfilt_unc pc_5umfilt_51umprefilt_unc perid phide_a phytin_a pic pic_1umfilt_5umprefilt_unc pic_51umfilt_unc pic_5umfilt_51umprefilt_unc picoeukaryote_abun piston_velocity pn_mmol pn_mmol_1umfilt_5umprefilt_unc pn_mmol_51umfilt_unc pn_mmol_5umfilt_51umprefilt_unc po4 poc poc_se pon pon_se ppc ppc_tcar ppc_tpg pras prochlorococcus_abun psc psc_tcar psd psd_sd psp psp_tpg ptp ptp_1umfilt_5umprefilt_unc ptp_51umfilt_unc ptp_5umfilt_51umprefilt_unc r2r_event rate_13c_uptake_bottle rate_14c_uptake_bottle rate_15n_uptake_bottle rate_production_doc_ind rate_respiration_c_ind rate_respiration_carbon_zoop rate_respiration_o2_ind sal sdy sigma_psii sigma_theta sigmat sio4 sst stimf_counts synechococcus_abun tacc tacc_tchla tcar tchl tchl_tcar tchla_tpg tdn tdn_kg tdn_kg_sd tdn_sd tep_bottle tep_msc toc toc_l toc_l_sd toc_sd tot_chl_a tot_chl_b tot_chl_c total_c tpg trans u_ph u_ph_se viola volume vsf vsf_sd weight_dry weight_protein_community weight_wet wt z_mld zea zoop_biomass_dry zoop_biomass_wet
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EXPORTS is a NASA large-scale field campaign that will provide critical information for quantifying the export and fate of upper ocean net primary production (NPP) from satellite observations. The overarching goal of EXPORTS is to develop a predictive understanding of the export and fate of global ocean primary production and its implications for the Earth's carbon cycle in present and future climates.



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