PIs*: Arrigo, Kevin | Babin, Marcel | Balch, William | Benitez-Nelson, Claudia | Benner, Ronald | Hooker, Stan | Laney, Samuel | McClain, Chuck | Mitchell, Greg | Perovich, Don | Pickart, Robert | Reynolds, Rick | Sosik, Heidi | Stramski, Dariusz
Start Time:2010-06-16 02:41:00
End Time:2012-07-13 01:29:00
Data Types: cast, bottle, pigment, ancillary, scan, above_water, flow_thru
Parameters: 101_mvc 101_zvc 105_mvc 105_zvc 109_mvc 109_zvc 113_mvc 113_zvc 117_mvc 117_zvc 121_mvc 121_zvc 125_mvc 125_zvc 129_mvc 129_zvc 133_mvc 133_zvc 137_mvc 137_zvc 141_mvc 141_zvc 145_mvc 145_zvc 149_mvc 149_zvc 153_mvc 153_zvc 157_mvc 157_zvc 161_mvc 161_zvc 165_mvc 165_zvc 169_mvc 169_zvc 173_mvc 173_zvc 177_mvc 177_zvc 17_mvc 17_zvc 181_mvc 181_zvc 185_mvc 185_zvc 189_mvc 189_zvc 193_mvc 193_zvc 197_mvc 197_zvc 201_mvc 201_zvc 205_mvc 205_zvc 209_mvc 209_zvc 213_mvc 213_zvc 217_mvc 217_zvc 21_mvc 21_zvc 221_mvc 221_zvc 225_mvc 225_zvc 229_mvc 229_zvc 233_mvc 233_zvc 237_mvc 237_zvc 241_mvc 241_zvc 245_mvc 245_zvc 249_mvc 249_zvc 253_mvc 253_zvc 257_mvc 257_zvc 25_mvc 25_zvc 261_mvc 261_zvc 265_mvc 265_zvc 269_mvc 269_zvc 273_mvc 273_zvc 277_mvc 277_zvc 281_mvc 281_zvc 285_mvc 285_zvc 289_mvc 289_zvc 293_mvc 293_zvc 297_mvc 297_zvc 29_mvc 29_zvc 301_mvc 301_zvc 305_mvc 305_zvc 309_mvc 309_zvc 313_mvc 313_zvc 317_mvc 317_zvc 321_mvc 321_zvc 325_mvc 325_zvc 329_mvc 329_zvc 333_mvc 333_zvc 33_mvc 33_zvc 37_mvc 37_zvc 41_mvc 41_zvc 45_mvc 45_zvc 49_mvc 49_zvc 53_mvc 53_zvc 57_mvc 57_zvc 61_mvc 61_zvc 65_mvc 65_zvc 69_mvc 69_zvc 73_mvc 73_zvc 77_mvc 77_zvc 81_mvc 81_zvc 85_mvc 85_zvc 89_mvc 89_zvc 93_mvc 93_zvc 97_mvc 97_zvc a* abs_ad abs_ad_2 abs_ag abs_ap abs_ap_2 abs_blank_sd_1 abs_blank_sd_2 absorbance ad ad_2 ag agp allo alpha* alpha-beta-car ap ap_2 aph aph_2 bactabb bactprod bb bbp beta* bin_diameter_center bin_diameter_lower bin_diameter_upper bottle bsi but-fuco c cast cgp chl chl_a chl_b chl_c1 chl_c1c2 chl_c2 chl_c3 chl_initial chl_sd chlide_a cloud diadino diato doc doc_l doc_l_sd dop dp dv_chl_a dv_chl_b ed edtemp ek elapsed_time epar es espitch esroll estemp eu eupar extchladt filename fuco gyro hex-fuco hpl hplc_gsfc hplc_gsfc_id instrument kd kpar lu lut lutemp lw lwn lwnex mpf mv_chl_a mv_chl_b natf neo nh4 no2 no3 npf npp number_of_particles_within_bin_per_unit_volume oc4v6 oxygen p*m par perid phaeo phaeo_sd phide_a phytin_a pic pip pitch po4 poc poc_cv poc_sd pon pon_cv pon_sd pop pp ppc ppc_tcar ppc_tpg ppf pras psc psc_tcar psp psp_tpg qy r replicates roll rrs sal saz sdy sigma_theta sio4 spm spm_cv spm_sd srp stdev_abs_ad_2 stdev_abs_ap_2 stdev_abs_blank_2 sza t_mld tacc tacc_tchla tcar tchl tchl_tcar tchla_tpg tdn tdp tot_chl_a tot_chl_b tot_chl_c tpg tpp trans umax vessel viola volfilt vx wt wtlu z_dcm z_dfm z_eu z_mld z_oad z_par_0.1 z_par_1 z_par_10 zea
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Impacts of Climate on the Eco-Systems and Chemistry of the Arctic Pacific Environment (ICESCAPE) was a multi-year NASA shipborne project. The bulk of the research took place in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas in the summers of 2010 and 2011.


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