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PIs*: Behrenfeld, Mike | Bidle, Kay | Boss, Emmanuel | Carlson, Craig | Gaube, Peter | Giovannoni, Stephen | Halsey, Kimberly | Menden-Deuer, Susanne | Nelson, Norman | Saltzman, Eric | Siegel, David
Start Time:2015-11-06 02:09:00
End Time:2018-04-12 19:46:34
Data Types: above_water, bottle, cast, flow_thru, pigment, scan
Parameters: a*ph a*srfa abs abs_ad abs_ad_sd abs_ag abs_ag_sd abs_ap abs_ap_sd abs_nacl abundance ad ag ag_sd ag_se allo alpha-beta-car amc-leu amc-leu_0.2umprefilt ap ap_sd aph associated_file_types associated_files bact_abun bact_abun_sd bactp bactp_sd bbp bbp_sd bottle but-fuco c2h3n_h c2h4o_h c2h6s_h c3h6o_h c5h8_h c6h6_h cdmf cdmf_sd cdomf cg cg_sd ch4o_h ch4s_h chl chl_c1c2 chl_c2 chl_c3 chl_experiment chl_lineheight chlide_a cond cond_sd cp cp_gamma cp_sd cycle diadino diato dmsa dmsa_se dmssw dmssw_se dna doc doc_sd dp dv_chl_a dv_chl_b ed es f-initial f0 fl-a fl-h fm fsc-a fsc-h fscpar-h fscperp-h fuco fv_fm g gyro hex-fuco iso_c2h3n_h iso_c2h4o_h iso_c2h6s_h iso_c3h6o_h iso_ch4o_h kd lightlevel lu lut muf-but muf-but_0.2umprefilt muf-glu muf-glu_0.2umprefilt muf-po4 muf-po4_0.2umprefilt mv_chl_a mv_chl_b n2avg nanoeukaryote_abun neo npp par pdrift perid phaeo phide_a phytin_a phyto_carbon phyto_carbon_64umprefilt picoeukaryote_abun poc poc_cp ppc ppc_tcar ppc_tpg pras prochlorococcus_abun psc psc_tcar psd psd_10.2size psd_10.2size_sd psd_10.9size psd_10.9size_sd psd_103.7size psd_103.7size_sd psd_111.4size psd_111.4size_sd psd_12.1size psd_12.1size_sd psd_12.8size psd_12.8size_sd psd_122.4size psd_122.4size_sd psd_131.6size psd_131.6size_sd psd_14.2size psd_14.2size_sd psd_144.4size psd_144.4size_sd psd_15.1size psd_15.1size_sd psd_155.4size psd_155.4size_sd psd_16.8size psd_16.8size_sd psd_17.9size psd_17.9size_sd psd_170.4size psd_170.4size_sd psd_183.5size psd_183.5size_sd psd_19.8size psd_19.8size_sd psd_2.1size psd_2.1size_sd psd_2.4size psd_2.4size_sd psd_2.7size psd_2.7size_sd psd_2.9size psd_2.9size_sd psd_201.1size psd_201.1size_sd psd_21.1size psd_21.1size_sd psd_216.7size psd_216.7size_sd psd_23.4size psd_23.4size_sd psd_237.3size psd_237.3size_sd psd_24.9size psd_24.9size_sd psd_255.8size psd_255.8size_sd psd_27.6size psd_27.6size_sd psd_280.1size psd_280.1size_sd psd_29.5size psd_29.5size_sd psd_3.2size psd_3.2size_sd psd_3.4size psd_3.4size_sd psd_3.8size psd_3.8size_sd psd_302.1size psd_302.1size_sd psd_32.5size psd_32.5size_sd psd_330.5size psd_330.5size_sd psd_34.8size psd_34.8size_sd psd_356.8size psd_356.8size_sd psd_38.4size psd_38.4size_sd psd_390.0size psd_390.0size_sd psd_4.0size psd_4.0size_sd psd_4.5size psd_4.5size_sd psd_4.7size psd_4.7size_sd psd_41.1size psd_41.1size_sd psd_45.3size psd_45.3size_sd psd_460.3size psd_460.3size_sd psd_48.5size psd_48.5size_sd psd_5.3size psd_5.3size_sd psd_5.6size psd_5.6size_sd psd_53.5size psd_53.5size_sd psd_57.3size psd_57.3size_sd psd_6.2size psd_6.2size_sd psd_6.6size psd_6.6size_sd psd_63.1size psd_63.1size_sd psd_67.7size psd_67.7size_sd psd_7.3size psd_7.3size_sd psd_7.8size psd_7.8size_sd psd_74.5size psd_74.5size_sd psd_79.9size psd_79.9size_sd psd_8.7size psd_8.7size_sd psd_87.9size psd_87.9size_sd psd_9.2size psd_9.2size_sd psd_94.3size psd_94.3size_sd psd_sd psp psp_tpg pulse_width relabundance sal sal_sd sdy sigma_psii species ssc-a ssc-h sst stimf synechococcus_abun tacc tacc_tchla taxa_1 taxa_2 tcar tchl tchl_tcar tchla_tpg tdn tdn_sd tdrift tot_chl_a tot_chl_b tot_chl_c tpg trans u_ph viola vsf vsf_sd vsfg vsfg_sd vsfp vsfp_sd wt wt_sd z_mld z_xml zea
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Measurements made under the NAAMES (North Atlantic Aerosols and Marine Ecosystems Study) program.

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