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PIs*: Behrenfeld, Mike | Cetinic, Ivona | Gilerson, Alex | Twardowski, Michael
Start Time:2014-07-18 22:18:58
End Time:2014-08-05 18:03:10
Data Types: cast, flow_thru, mooring, pigment, scan
Parameters: a ag agp allo alpha-beta-car aot ap bb bbp bbp_bp bp but-fuco bw c cdom_raw cg cgp chl chl_c2 chl_c3 chl_raw chlide_a cond cp diadino diato dp dv_chl_a dv_chl_b ed ed_sd es es_sd fuco gyro hex-fuco lsky lsky_sd lt lt_sd lu lu_sd lut lw lw_sd mv_chl_a mv_chl_b nadir neo perid phide_a phytin_a poc pon ppc pras psc psp relaz rrs rrs_sd sal sigmat sza tacc tcar tchl tot_chl_a tot_chl_b tot_chl_c tpg viola vsf403_124ang vsf443_124ang vsf462_124ang vsf469_124ang vsf487_124ang vsf506_124ang vsf525_124ang vsf528_104ang vsf528_130ang vsf528_151ang vsf529_124ang vsf594_124ang vsf652_124ang vsf657_124ang vsf658_100ang vsf658_10ang vsf658_110ang vsf658_120ang vsf658_130ang vsf658_140ang vsf658_150ang vsf658_160ang vsf658_170ang vsf658_20ang vsf658_30ang vsf658_40ang vsf658_50ang vsf658_60ang vsf658_70ang vsf658_80ang vsf658_90ang vsf680_124ang vsf700_149ang vsf720_124ang vsfp403_124ang vsfp443_124ang vsfp462_124ang vsfp469_124ang vsfp487_124ang vsfp506_124ang vsfp525_124ang vsfp528_104ang vsfp528_130ang vsfp528_151ang vsfp529_124ang vsfp594_124ang vsfp652_124ang vsfp657_124ang vsfp658_100ang vsfp658_10ang vsfp658_110ang vsfp658_120ang vsfp658_130ang vsfp658_140ang vsfp658_150ang vsfp658_160ang vsfp658_170ang vsfp658_20ang vsfp658_30ang vsfp658_40ang vsfp658_50ang vsfp658_60ang vsfp658_70ang vsfp658_80ang vsfp658_90ang vsfp680_124ang vsfp700_149ang vsfp720_124ang vsfw403_124ang vsfw443_124ang vsfw462_124ang vsfw469_124ang vsfw487_124ang vsfw506_124ang vsfw525_124ang vsfw528_104ang vsfw528_130ang vsfw528_151ang vsfw529_124ang vsfw594_124ang vsfw652_124ang vsfw657_124ang vsfw658_100ang vsfw658_10ang vsfw658_110ang vsfw658_120ang vsfw658_130ang vsfw658_140ang vsfw658_150ang vsfw658_160ang vsfw658_170ang vsfw658_20ang vsfw658_30ang vsfw658_40ang vsfw658_50ang vsfw658_60ang vsfw658_70ang vsfw658_80ang vsfw658_90ang vsfw680_124ang vsfw700_149ang vsfw720_124ang wt zea
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SABOR (Ship-Aircraft Bio-Optical Research) Collaborative campaign occurred from 19 Jul 2014 - 05 Aug 2014 that sampled the Gulf of Maine, near Bermuda, and shore-waters off the East coast of the United States.


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