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The file seabam919.txt is the current global SeaBAM dataset.

See <a href="seabam_providers.html">seabam_providers.html</a> for contact information on individual data providers.  
This archive is maintained by the <a href="">SeaBASS Administrator</a>.

The file is the draft of the TM chapter which describes the SeaBAM
dataset and how it was built.  The PostScript files,, and are figures not included in the text.  Appendix 2 at the
end of the text is a complete description of the various fields in the SeaBAM global
data set.

The columns are as follows :

Col1	chla		[Chla] used for Chla algorithms
Col2    f_chl		fluorometric [Chla] (in original dataset)
Col3    f_phae		fluorometric [pheo] (in original dataset)
Col4    h_chl		HPLC [Chla] (in original dataset)
Col5    h_phae		HPLC [pheo] (in original dataset)
Col6    PIG		[Chla + pheo] used for Pigment algorithms
Col7	r412		Rrs(412) (in original dataset)
Col8	r443		Rrs(443) (in original dataset)
Col9	r490		Rrs(490) (in original dataset)
Col10   r510		Rrs(510) (in original dataset)
Col11   r520		Rrs(520) (in original dataset)
Col12   r510_520	mixed Rrs(510) and Rrs(520)
Col13   r555		Rrs(555) (in original dataset)
Col14   r565		Rrs(565) (in original dataset)
Col15   r555_565	mixed Rrs(555) and Rrs(565)
Col16   r555_565B	mixed Rrs(555) and proxy-Rrs(555)
Col17   r670		Rrs(670) (in original dataset)

A '-1' indicates that data is missing.

For additional information, refer to O'Reilly and Maritorena in the TM.