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The File Search allows visitors to search the bio-optical archive for in situ measurements of apparent and inherent optical properties, phytoplankton pigment concentrations, and other oceanographic and atmospheric data. Search results return a list of matching data files which may be viewed, downloaded, mapped and plotted. Data access and use are governed by the SeaBASS Data Access Policy.
The Validation Search is designed to provide ground-truth comparisons between in situ measurements and coincident satellite-borne ocean color instrument observations. Refer to the SeaBASS Validation Description for the details of this system.
The following search settings are very broad by default. Edit these parameters if you want to limit or refocus the results. More info.

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Data acquired from the Aerosol Robotic Network - Ocean Color (AERONET-OC) web site. See Zibordi et al. (2009) and the OBPG AERONET-OC readme for details. Additional data usage policies apply.

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