Data Submission Guidelines and Special Requirements

This page provides examples of data files and documentation as models to help you format different types of submissions. Measurement-specific metadata, formatting, and accompanying documents are highlighted.  For each data type found in the menu below, note the sections on "Special Requirements" and "Example Submission".
The Special Requirements sections indicate any conditionally required metadata headers needed for specific types of data. Additionally, check for any Required Extra Documents. Those should be filled out and submitted with your other documents and calibration files. These checklists were designed to standardize and preserve critical methods and analysis details that are needed for intercomparison, reprocessing, to make it easier for data users to assess the data quality and to consider them for satellite validation or inclusion in algorithm development datasets.
The Example Submission sections include one or more example SeaBASS data files that might be helpful as a reference for which fields and headers to include, and how to arrange your data matrix. Examples of documents and calibration files that were part of a model submission are also provided.
Over time additional examples will be added.

Table of Contents

Absorption, Particulate (spectrophotometer measurements)

Particulate Absorption submissions to SeaBASS include measurements of absorbance and derived absorption coefficients (and relevant metadata and processing information.) Examples of SeaBASS field names for these types of submissions are: abs_ap, abs_ad, ap, ad, aph, etc. New data submissions should be collected and reported in compliance with the most recent NASA / IOCCG protocols.

Ap Submission Special Requirements

1. Required Extra Documents
Particulate absorption submissions require supplemental documentation to preserve critical methods information. Please download and complete the following checklist template (either format version) and submit it along with your other documentation and calibration information.
Download ap Checklist .Docx Version
Download ap Checklist Plain Text Version
2. Notes about specific absorption fields and required metadata headers
Particulate absorption SeaBASS files require one or more "Conditionally Required" metadata headers:
/volfilt (L) volume filtered
/area (m2) for filter pads, the area over which particles are collected onto the filter
/null_correction (m-1) Only needed if null correction was applied to one or more abs coefficients

Data fields in each file should include:

**report any replicate filters separately


1. Averaged raw absorbance (without null correction) for abs_ap & abs_ad

2. Standard deviation of filter rotations for abs_ap and abs_ad (abs_ap_sd, abs_ad_sd)

3. Absorbance of blank filter subtracted from each sample (abs_blank)

4. Standard deviation of multiple blank scans (abs_blank_sd)

5. Measured ap and ad coefficient (ap, ad)

6. (Optional) Modeled ad coefficient (“ad_model”) Only include if applicable, e.g., insufficient pigment extraction (if so, document your computation method).

7. aph coefficient (write computation method as a comment in the header)

8. (Optional) Total uncertainty computation (ap_unc, ad_unc)

**See Chapter 5.3.4 the Absorption Coefficient protocol document1


1Neeley, A.R., Mannino, A., Reynolds, R.A., Roesler, C., Rottgers, R., Stramski, D., Twardowski, M. and Zaneveld, J.R.V., 2018. Ocean Optics & Biogeochemistry Protocols for Satellite Ocean Colour Sensor Validation: Absorption Coefficient.


Ap Example Submission

The following data files and documentation provide a model submission package.
Example SeaBASS data files:

Particulate Absorption file
Particulate Absorption file including size-fractionated measurements
Example documentation bundle (e.g., /documents and /calibration files):
Cruise-specific methods document (covering both documents and calibration)
Completed Ap Checklist

Pigments, HPLC

HPLC section under development

HPLC Submission Special Requirements

          1. Required Extra Documents
HPLC submissions require supplemental documentation to preserve critical methods information. Please download and complete the following checklist template (whichever format version you prefer) and submit it along with your documents. If your samples were processed at NASA GSFC, download the "NASA GSFC" version. Its "sample measurement and analysis" section is already completed, so you only need to complete the "sample collection method" questions.
NASA GSFC Lab version
Download HPLC GSFC Lab Checklist (.Docx Version)
Download HPLC GSFC Lab Checklist (Plain Text Version)
Blank version
Download HPLC Checklist (.Docx Version)
Download HPLC Checklist (Plain Text Version)
2. Notes about specific HPLC fields and required metadata headers

HPLC Example Submission

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